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Friday, April 28, 2017

Design Space 3 - DS3

Woohoo! Design Space 3 launched a beta version on Wednesday night. On Thursday, I thought why not play a bit and check it out. I am so impressed.

In February, I decided that I should broaden my Cricut Explore horizons and start creating my own shareable cut files. Sharable cut files could increase traffic to my blog after all. My very first project was a St. Patrick's Day design for a scrapbooking layout. As my design became more intricate, my Design Space 2 slowed down and eventually crashed and crashed and crashed. I laughed about this failed venture with my husband and moved on.

Thursday afternoon with my brand-spanking new Design Space 3, I finished the file. The program ran super smoothly with no issues at all. I also love having more letters displayed with each font option! It makes choosing the perfect font quicker and easier!

Why not try it out? Here is a link.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Disney shirts for my friend

This month, I helped a friend create their family Disney shirts. This was so much fun! I encourage anyone who has a trip planned to a Disney park to have or create matching shirts. It makes navigating the park as a group easier and Disney employees recognize you right away and SOMETIMES you get VERY special/VIP treatment!

For this red shirt, the fonts I used are Cricut Elegant Cake Plain, Cricut Old West, Star Jedi and Waltograph.

The blue shirts were created cutting freezer paper with my Cricut Explore. My friend used a pencil eraser and fabric paint to paint around the castle cut out after she ironed the freezer paper on the shirt. Once the paint is dry, pull the freezer paper off. I love the finished products and know they will have a magical vacation!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New baby shaker cards

I love making baby cards! I think because they are fun and sweet (as are newborns). The blue card is for my friend's new grandson. Yes, I am in that season of life where my friends' children are getting married and having children.

Do you remember when Costco used to sell huge paper pads? That is where the baby printed paper is from. I held onto these sheets *hoarded* for baby cards.

I created the design for the shaker by using the slice feature on my Design Space for the Cricut Explore.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

International Puppy Day!

Happy International (I'm in Canada) Puppy Day! Today, I am posting my first pocket page layout! I am hesitant to even share this because the pocket pages are just so quick to put together, they don't seem "blog-worthy".

This layout features the brand-spanking-new paper line by Becky Fleck (You know her - Page Maps, Crop and Create etc.) called Cooper & Friends. It is manufactured by Photo Play Paper.

Design Space users may notice something particular about my font choice. There is a font called "Chloe" included with my Access subscription, seems to work for my puppy named Chloe!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Valentines layout - Puppy Love

Happy President's Day / Family Day or Louis Riel Day depending where you live. It is a very balmy February day in Manitoba. It is actually raining here right now which is not very common in February. Anyways, it is a perfect long weekend to catch up on some scrapbooking! Here is a Valentines Day layout from Valentines Day last week! Can you believe it?

This was a quick layout to make. I used Project Life cards from the Honey Edition for my journaling. (Still attempting incorporating pocket pages.)

It is also a GREAT day to shop at Cricut.com. They have free shipping to the US AND Canada with the coupon code LOVESHIP. I have included the link down below with the new information about the Cricut Access Subscription. I am planning to upgrade my account and will report back!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Valentine for the hubs

This is a clean and simple card you can make for your true love! I had a free cut file shared on facebook of a heart beat with a maple leaf in the center. I used my Design Space app to slice out the middle of the EKG. I then welded in my husband's name. I played with a few fonts to find one that looked right but decided on a plain non-cursive one. Easy peasy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cricut Access Subscription for Canadians

Scrappy Canadians on Facebook have been asking about the Cricut Access Subscription.

Is it worth it?
When I purchased my Cricut Explore it came with one free month of Access Subscription. I went crazy that 30 days, cutting out everything I wanted or thought I could use. There were so many great images as well as fonts that I could create with. (I loved having all the font options without having to download from questionable sharing sites.) I must have scrapped 40 layouts and 40 cards! It was a super catch up for my scrapbook albums. I realized in those 30 days that there were many Cricut cartridges that fit my style and needs that I did not already own. I felt that the Access Subscription would be much more economical in the long run than purchasing cartridges.

How does it work for Canadians?
It works the same for Canadians, just remember to always consider the exchange rate.

What does it comes to in Canadian dollars?
My subscription is renewed annually on my credit card. My renewal date was just last week and I can tell you my Visa was charged $131.60 canadian dollars. The exchange rate was 1.3725 (meh). Last year, the price was $149.05 because Cricut dropped the price in 2016. (Yay!)

Which is better - yearly? or monthly?
The monthly subscription comes to about $13 canadian. Therefore, The annual subscription is about $2 dollars cheaper per month or $25 per year.

If I missed anything, send me an email. I am more than happy to answer your questions. If you are still unsure, why not purchase a month of the Access Subscription and try it out? I love it!